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Unmasking Paganism in the Church

Unmasking Paginism In The Church

Pastor Isaac Gutierrez has been speaking out on paganism for 14 years. Paganism may be masked, but present, even in your church. His topics include: The Church prepared to accept the Cosmic Christ; Satan's plan to destroy Christianity; Wide-world persecution; the Babylonian connection; Occult in the Church; The rise of a new world religion; The runaway bride of Messiah; Gnosticism and the postmodern Church; Why prophecy is not important to the Church; Apostasy Mysticism, Sorcery and witchcraft; The agenda of the green movement; Goddess worship; the Islamic Invasion of America; Perversion in the Church; the New Breed of Christianity; the Kingdom Now agenda; Interfaith , Universalism, and the false Messiah; Faith for the Last Days.