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The Creator's Calendar - 5 Part Series

The Creator's Calendar - 5 Part Series


The Creator's Calendar Series.  Most of the body of Messiah are not following the true Calendar handed down by our Creator Yahuah.  We have grown up with a counterfeit calendar and by using a counterfeit calendar, we are not keeping the appointed times, the feast of Yahuah at the time He prescribed that we should keep them.  The Gregorian and Jewish calendar has been compromised.  We need to learn about the Creator's calendar that no man can touch or change.  Be ready to have your mindsets changed as truth is brought forth in these teaching by Evangelist Norman Pool of Light Bearer Ministries International.  A special Thank You goes out to Troy Miller for these presentations.

1. Which Calendar Does The Creator Recognize?

2. Lunar Sabbath From Creation

3. Historical Evidence Proves Creator's Calendar

4. The Scriptural Count Feast Of Weeks (Pentecost)

5. When Does The Day Begin?